XSL-1350Tpaper bowl machine

XSL-1350T-paper bowl machine

XSL-1350T paper bowl machine isolates the forming parts and transmission parts, will be easy to clean and maintenance. All transmission part use longitudinal shaft, barrel indexing cam and gear transmission.All transmission components are lubricated by spray,which can make the machine work stale. Machine is controlled by PLC, the whole process is monitored by sensors. The inspection system is an option to get rid of disqualified cups. It is suitable for producing 16-32 OZ paper bowls.
Standard Machine Model


This paper bowl machine is suitable to make small ice cream and noodle bowls.
XSL-1350Tpaper bowl machine


Product Case
XSL-1350Tpaper bowl machine
Product Characteristics


1.International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.
2.High high efficiency , the exact running speed reach 100-120pcs/min,
3.The cam transmission part guaranteed 5 years, electrical parts and vulnerable parts guarantee 1 year.
4.All parts on forming table are easy to access for maintenance.
5.One operate can handle several machines at the same time.


Technical Parameter


technical parameters
Model XSL-1350T paper bowl machine
Suitable size Top Dia:100-145mm Bottom Dia:80-115mm Height:50-110mm
Speed 100-120pcs/min
Paper request 170-380gsm single/double PE paper
Weight 4500kgs
Size(L*W*H) 3650*1470*2330mm
Power 3 phase,380V,50HZ,25KW
Air consumpion 0.6-0.8m³/min


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